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Chefandmanager Privacy Policy

At Chefandmanager.com we make every effort to comply with our obligations under the 1998 Data Protection Act. Additionally, we understand the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of your Company details / CV and other information stored about you or your Company while using the site.

You can remove any of the information that Chefandmanager.com stores about you, at any time, by logging in to your account and ammending or deleting that information and or choosing to close your account.

Privacy policy update (7 June, 2011).

Registration details

Contact and other details you supply as part of the registration process are stored by us and used to provide you with the information you have requested.

Profile and CV information

When you complete your Chefandmanager.com profile and individual CV, they can be made available for searching, viewing over the Internet and downloading by any direct jobseeker, recruiter, employment consultant or other person or organisation who requests your Company details or CVs matching your profile to be sent to them. Chefandmanager.com does not verify the identity or the nature of the business of such organisations.


Your current employer may be a customer of Chefandmanager.com, or a client of one of our customers. Chefandmanager.com cannot restrict the customers who access profiles on our database and cannot be held responsible for any eventuality.

Some of our customers may be located in countries outside the European Economic Area.

If you choose to create a profile and upload a CV to our database, we rely on you to ensure that your details are kept up to date. You should update your CV at least every six months, particularly if your contact details have changed.

Please note that Chefandmanager.com reserves the right to remove from our database, CVs which include any content that we consider to be illegal or offensive.

Statistical information

We provide aggregate statistical information about site visitors and users to recruiters (such as the number of CVs on the database, or the number of visitors to the site) and for other lawful purposes. We provide this information to customers, advertisers, suppliers and other reputable third parties. This will not include any information that enables them to identify individuals.


The site is protected against unauthorised access using the latest security devices and 'firewalls'.


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